Stay up to date with the very latest styles in fashion and achieve a contemporary look with your eyewear. We’re here to help you in your search for the most sought-after glasses brands and designs. Popular culture has inspired us to dig a little deeper with research into what is trending right now. Discover everything from the most splendid catwalk themes to famous branded glasses worn by our favourite icons and celebrities.

Discover the biggest sunglasses trends for 2024

1 Apr 2024
Woman wearing nude-coloured sunglasses frames with a skyline visible behind her

As we welcome in a new season, we look forward to brighter days ahead and planning our wardrobe for spring. Fashion is constantly evolving and trends come and go. Some classics stand the test of time but creative fashion designers are always giving them innovative new touches. Dominating the fashion scene this season is everything... Read More

What are the best frames for Transitions® lenses?

27 Mar 2024

The easiest way to decide which frames will work well with your light-intelligent Transitions® lenses is to figure out which designs look good as sunglasses. Once you have an idea of what styles you love and which will protect you adequately from the sun, you can get started searching for the perfect pair. Sunglasses come with a... Read More

Glasses trends spring 2024: top 10 styles of the season

22 Mar 2024

It is time to revamp your wardrobe and look forward to brighter days. Spring has sprung! A new season is here. And while you might not be ready to ditch the knitted cardigan and your favourite comfies just yet, glasses and accessories are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe... Read More

Dopamine-dressing: boosting your mood with colours

19 Mar 2024
Four colourful glasses frames spread out across a white table

Dopamine-dressing is a huge trend that has taken the fashion world by storm. After all, people now seek a sense of optimism and the chance to live life to the fullest without any restrictions. Inviting vibrant colours into your wardrobe makes a real statement to those around you. It can even enhance your mood and... Read More

Get the ‘It-girl’ look with these top 6 Bayonetta glasses

13 Mar 2024
Close-up of a woman wearing rectangular glasses

Millennium fashion is making its comeback – from low-rise jeans and bucket hats to chunky footwear and shoulder bags. Bayonetta glasses are the latest Y2K trend to make a reappearance and have become a huge part of the fashion scene. Fashionistas everywhere simply cannot get enough of this sleek and versatile style and we can... Read More

Sam Saadet from The Apprentice shares her favourite frames

11 Mar 2024

Entrepreneur and fitness fanatic Sam Saadet explains how she loves to wear fashionable eyewear from Glasses Direct. You may recognise her from The Apprentice, the hit reality game show as seen on BBC One. As a talented online fitness trainer focusing on pre and post-natal care, Sam has a natural entrepreneurial spirit and loves to... Read More

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