Stuck on ideas of what to wear? Trying to stay on budget? Get inspiration on how to style your favourite glasses and find some handy tips about shopping online. Learn how to match different outfits to your eyewear and receive advice on finding the right colours, shapes and designs that suit you. Our influencers will also share their own fashion tips and personal experiences.

Our favourite aviator sunglasses for women

10 May 2024
Black-and-white close-up of a blonde woman with curly hair wearing aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses elevate your style and have a timeless look that never fails to please. They come in varying designs from the more traditional to innovative new modernisations of this classic frame shape. These kinds of sunglasses, also known as pilot style, are one of the most versatile designs and naturally complement a variety of... Read More

How to wear hearing aids with glasses

7 May 2024
An Asian man who wears glasses and a hearing aid putting on a hat

Are you a glasses wearer who for the first time has to wear hearing aids? Or perhaps you are new to wearing glasses? Either way, you might be curious to know whether the two can function together. After all, they both tend to rest behind your ear and it can feel really uncomfortable wearing them... Read More

The 10 best sunglasses to pack this bank holiday

30 Apr 2024
Woman in a bikini wearing sunglasses and lying next to a swimming pool

Are you excited for the long weekend coming up? If you have planned a day out or a minibreak over the bank holiday, you will want to make sure you are fully prepared for the journey. Whether you are visiting an idyllic seaside town, relaxing in the countryside, jetting off aboard, or simply embracing your... Read More

Written in the stars: find glasses for your zodiac sign

26 Apr 2024
2 pairs of frames coming from both side facing a zodiac symbol

Your choice of eyewear should reflect not just your sense of style, but also your unique personality traits. If you love to accessories and incorporate your favourite colours into your wardrobe, why not align your choice of glasses with your zodiac sign? Find out which colours and designs best represent you and the time of... Read More

Is reading in the dark bad for your eyes?

18 Apr 2024
A man reading a book under a tree. The sun has almost set and it's dark, but a magical glow emanates from the book and illuminates the immediate area.

The simple answer is yes. Reading in the dark can be bad for your eyes. Yet, it will not cause long-term damage to your eyesight and will not lead to short-sightedness. However, it can result in eye strain which creates temporary discomfort. In this blog post, we will enlighten you on how reading in the... Read More

Top 5 best men’s glasses trends 2024

15 Apr 2024
Three smiling men standing in front of a grey brick wall. They're all wearing glasses and have their arms around each others' shoulders.

Gentlemen, please take a seat and relax as we talk you through the top glasses trends for 2024. We have got all the best style advice you need to step out with confidence this season. Look suave and sophisticated wherever you go, wearing fashion-forward eyewear that completes your natural sense of style. With inspiration from... Read More

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