Varifocals and Bifocals

How much do varifocals cost?

Our varifocal lenses are an additional £49 (on SALE for a limited time only) on top of the normal lens price. See further details on the lens prices page.

How do our prices compare with other vendors

We offer one style of varifocal at £49 (was £95, ON SALE for a limited time) which is a freeform lens. Designed using the most up to date techniques, it offers the wearer a wide field of clear vision at all distances giving minimal distortion at the lens edge. The result? An easy to use lens suits all your visual requirements

Our varifocal lenses are the same high quality that you'd find at hight street opticians but with an average saving of 60%.

Getting used to varifocals

  • Ensure your glasses are comfortable and secure on your face.
  • Try to avoid looking down, especially whilst you are on the move.
  • For the best results when reading, rest your chin on your chest and gradually raise your head upwards until your vision becomes clear and in focus. Do not move the position of your book.
  • To make sure that you’re looking through the correct part of the lens, aim your nose towards what you want to focus on.

What are varifocals and why are they useful?

Varifocal lenses have more than two parts. The top part is for seeing things at a distance and this gradually increases in strength until the full reading prescription is reached near the bottom of the lens. You can use the part that gradually increases for middle distance, for example looking at a computer. These are ideal for people who need to switch between long, intermediate and short distance throughout their day.

It will take two to four weeks to get used to your varifocals, especially if you haven’t worn them before, so be patient and persevere with them.

With our Freeform varifocal lenses there are significant benefits over ordinary varifocal lenses, including :

  • Enhanced field of vision at all distances
  • Less distortion at the edge of the ears
  • Easier to get used to for both first-time and existing wearers
Varifocal free form illustration

What do we need from you?

Due to the complexity of varifocals lenses, we take some additional steps to ensure we get the exact measurements. These measurements can be taken from a previous pair of glasses that you send to us. It doesn’t matter if the prescription is out-of-date, just as long as they were comfortable when you used them.

If you would like to place an order for varifocals, please call one of our opticians on 08456 88 20 20.

Please note: we cannot accept bifocal or varifocal orders from customers residing outside the UK.

What are bifocals and why are they useful?

Bifocal lenses contain two parts; the upper part is used for seeing at a distance such as for driving or watching TV and the lower part is used for reading. We can also supply lenses with intermediate vision at the top and reading at the bottom for use at a computer. There are different sizes of reading area available depending on preference, and we recommend you call one of our opticians for advice on the best bifocal lens for you.

If you would like to place an order for bifocals, please call one of our opticians on 01793 746555.

How much do bifocals cost?

Our bifocal lenses cost an additional £30 (on SALE for a limited time only) on top of the normal lens price.

Do you offer sun reactive lenses?

Yes we do. See our lenses page to view details and prices.