Top Tips

  1. By law, opticians must give you a copy of your prescription after you have an eye test, so always ask for a copy if they don’t give you one.

  2. Remember that you can buy your glasses anywhere - you don’t have to get them from the opticians where you had your eye test.

  3. Ask your optician for your pupillary distance. This will probably not be on your prescription, but the dispensing optician will need it to make your glasses. If they refuse to give you your PD, you can tell your optician that you will be purchasing an item they do not stock, such as prescription goggles online.

  4. By law, if you use a computer screen at work, your employer must pay the cost of your yearly eye test.

  5. Many companies offer eye-test vouchers or discounts, so find out before you pay the full cost of an eye test. All optometrists are qualified to the same standard, so you should expect the same treatment wherever you go. View our up-to-date page of available eye test offers here.

  6. If you are not sure about where to go for an eye test, ask your family and friends where they go and for details of their experiences.