How to record your Ditto™

Follow our simple steps below to record your video and start virtually trying on frames!

Step 1


Look out for the Ditto™ icon on product pages, make sure you have a webcam, your javascript set as enabled, and a plastic card of any kind at hand

Step 2


When you spot a product you'd like to try on virtually, click the Ditto™ icon within the product page to begin the virtual try-on process

Step 3


If you are prompted, allow Ditto™ to access your webcam. (This window may look different depending on your browser/operating system)

Step 4


Remove your glasses and follow the instructions to complete your Ditto™ (Don't worry, there are audio instructions too so you'll still be able to do it)

Step 5


Get excited!
Your Ditto™ is almost done!

Step 6


Create an account or log in with your existing account details to view your finished Ditto™

Your Ditto™ is now complete and will automatically load on all product pages which are Ditto™ enabled

You can delete or re-record your Ditto™ at any time!

Introducing Ditto™ A fast and easy virtual try-on

Create your Ditto™, a quick video of your face, so you can try on glasses and see which pairs fit.

Your Ditto™ can be managed from Your Account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a webcam to use Ditto™? Does Ditto™ work on all products? Why do I need an account?
Yes, you will need a webcam, and you will also need to enable javascript. No, at the moment not all of our products are Ditto™ enabled. However, we are working on it so soon you'll be able to virtually try on all our products! We ask you to create an account or log in to your existing account so your Ditto™ will appear on all Ditto™ enabled frames as long as you are logged in.