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Ted Baker Noble
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Ted Baker Noble

As a British luxury clothing company, Ted Baker has expanded its portfolio with a range of stylish eyewear. The brands creativity shines through these frames. A large square shape gives them an eye-catching edge that is both suave and sophisticated. The sleek plastic frame draws attention with a shiny front that contrasts the subtle temples, exposing the distinctive wire core inside. The lightweight construction enhances the feeling of comfortable wear.


  • 12 month manufacturers warranty
  • Brand case & cloth included
  • Brand authenticity guaranteed

Frame info

Brand: Ted Baker
Size: Large
Colour: Amber Horn
Style: Square
Type: Framed
Measurements: 55 - 15 - 145
Frames diagram (square)
Frame width: 135mm
55 - 15 - 145
Frame arm
More details

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Available lenses

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Single vision
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18 Product Reviews

mckenzie mcnoo

Good quality specs but didn't suit me


Nice fitting, sturdy spectacles.

Philip Nothard

Just as I wanted, and look great


Inexpensive but in the boutique range. However able to home trial. Love the colour of the frame. A warm and soft tone.


OK product but no wow factor.