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Customers saved 49% vs high street Customers saved 49% vs high street

The survey was conducted between 25/03/2023 and 07/04/2023. It was sent to all email marketable Glasses Direct customers who had made a purchase between 01/03/22 and 28/02/23. The claim sample size is 1,614.

Survey verification of saving:

The percentage of savings refers to Glasses Direct customers who saved an average of 49% compared to the last time they bought from high street opticians. The average spend of £109.60 at Glasses Direct is compared to an average spend of £212.90 at high street opticians.

The savings were calculated by establishing the average percent difference between responses to the questions. The questions were as follows:

  • ‘How much did you spend on glasses in total in your most recent order with Glasses Direct (£)?’

  • ‘Thinking of the last time you bought a similar glasses order from a high street optician, how much in total did you spend on the glasses (£)?’

  • Quoted numbers are representative of responses where there was a valid response for the Glasses Direct spend and high street spend questions.

    Valid responses were defined as responses where:

  • values were greater than £1 and in feasible ranges (e.g. excluding responses where Glasses Direct spend was greater than the highest-ever order value in Glasses Direct's history)

  • eliminating responses where ranges were quoted

  • where the number quoted was qualified as over or under a value or for

  • responses where the indicated values quoted by a respondent were for a non-similar order, etc. Responses, where answers were quoted as approximate, were accepted