Change your frame of mind with Levi’s® eyewear

31 Mar 2023

We spoke to some of our favourite influencers to find out what they admire most about our range of fashionable Levi’s® glasses. They tell us about their favourite pairs, how they wear varying styles for different occasions and also what influences their own personal sense of style. We partnered up with Brooke Hewer, Marvin Brooks and Sheri Scott. Discover why they love Levi’s® eyewear.

Brooke Hewer (@brookehewer, Instagram)

Brooke Hewer is a unique fashion and lifestyle creator with over half a million TikTok followers. She’s an advocate for mid-size girls and provides comfort to young women who struggle with what to wear and how to feel good. She describes her style as fun, colourful and retro.

Brooke is wearing:

LV5016 Havana
LV1019 Black
LV1034 Havana/ Pink

What occasions would you wear the pairs that you chose?
Style LV1015 is cute and casual. I’d probably wear these to university or college. I think style LV1019 complements my face the most, so I would probably wear these on a date night or somewhere where I want to feel good! I’d wear style LV5016 as everyday glasses as they are timeless and classic. LV1034 are fun and pink, so I’d probably wear these with one of my colourful outfits, maybe for a picnic in the park in the summer!

What do you like the most about Levi’s® as a brand?
The quality! Levi’s® is one of the most iconic brands for long-lasting, timeless products.

Marvin Brooks (@marvinbrooks, Instagram)

Marvin Brooks is a content creator, personal trainer and Ex-Navy Veteran. He has channelled his passion for wellbeing and style into content creation and has built a highly engaged following of over 750K across multiple platforms. Marvin’s content is polished and curated, with a huge focus on aesthetics in all aspects of his life. He describes his style as relaxed, classic and functional.

Marvin is wearing:

LV1023  Havana
LV1043 Palladium
LV1029  Havana

What is your favourite pair from our Levi’s® collection? And why?
It actually was a very tough choice, but it has to be the LV1029 in Havana. I feel they are so suited to me and the appearance and design are just a touch of class.

What does style mean to you?
I think style is vital to everything. Personally, I appreciate anything aesthetically pleasing. I feel it shows thought and intention. A style can say so much about you before you’ve said a word.

Sheri Scott (@foreveryoursbetty, Instagram)

Sheri Scott is a Scottish fashion/lifestyle blogger and the face and brains behind Forever Yours Betty. She’s previously worked with the world’s biggest brands, such as Sainsbury’s, Rightmove and OVO energy, covering personal style, interior design, neurodiversity and mental health. She describes her style as joyful, fun and colourful.

Sheri is wearing:

LV1034 Havana/ Brown
LV1043 Gold
LV5028 Blue

What do you like the most about Levi’s® as a brand?
What’s not to love about one of the most iconic brands of our generation? The inventor of the blue jeans – from cowboys, musicians, movie stars and fashion lovers – Levi’s® are the granddaddy of denim. I love how their jeans only get better with age too!

What does style mean to you?
As the saying goes; style is forever, but fashion is fleeting! I gravitate towards pieces and silhouettes that make me happy, not trends.