Seeing Clearly

A clearer guide to understanding vision, opticians and glasses


Optometrists (an optometrist is responsible for the health of your eyes) and dispensing opticians (a dispensing optician is the person who gives you your glasses or lenses) are highly qualified and the medical terms they tell us sometimes are hard to understand, as well as what the numbers on our prescription mean. Our research shows that daunting technical terms and confusing prescriptions are making people worried about choosing glasses for themselves.

Did you know?

85% of people don’t understand their eye prescription.

Glasses stand apart from the rest of our wardrobe because they are designed to help us see first, but are also a fashion accessory. So it's very important to find the perfect pair to suit our needs, but choosing glasses definitely doesn't have to be a bore.

Did you know?

57% of people have never questioned their eye prescription.

This guide aims to give you information on:

  • Opticians
  • Eye tests and your prescription
  • Eye care terms

Our research has shown that people place a lot of trust in their optician and rely on them not just for eye tests, but for everything to do with their eyes, including what glasses and lenses they choose. While it’s important to trust a medical expert with your eye health, you can play a much bigger part in choosing the best glasses for you. It’s your look after all!

We want this guide to help you make clear, informed choices when it comes to shopping for glasses, just as you would for shoes or clothes. We also hope that we can save you some money in the process.

Have fun shopping!

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